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Alison G. Mitchell, Paralegal Professional

Paralegal professionals are essential contributors within our legal system, providing indispensable support to attorneys and to clients. They perform significant legal tasks that are of paramount importance to clients in matrimonial litigation. Legal research, assisting clients to fulfill information requirements, providing useful and timely information, and the preparation of required legal documents are the primary paralegal responsibilities that every successful law practice and its clients depend upon.

Alison Mitchell, O’Brien & Associates outstanding paralegal professional, has many years of dedicated experience serving attorneys in divorce and family law practice (and their clients) in addition to extensive experience in related legal fields that impact divorce and family law litigation. These experiences include finance, business, bankruptcy, legal research, drafting, editing, preparation of legal documents, and a broad range of other matters affecting clients in divorce and matrimonial law proceedings.

O’Brien & Associates clients especially benefit from Alison’s experience as a writer, researcher, and editor for more than three decades. This experience greatly assists us to achieve our highest priority client advocacy objectives: protecting the rights and pursuing the interests of the individuals we represent.

Alison’s education includes a Bachelor of Arts in English, from McGill University, Montreal, Canada.