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COVID 19 Alert: Latest Developments Affecting the Courts, The Justice System, and O’Brien & Associates Law Firm Operations

Coronavirus (COVID 19) Update
April 21, 2021

This week, on April 19, 2021, Janet Di Fiore, Chief Judge of the State of New York, announced that certain coronavirus restrictions imposed upon the court system will be relaxed as the state moves toward a post pandemic mode of operation.

“Effective Monday, May 24th, all judges and court staff will be required to physically return to work in their assigned courthouses. It is time to return to our normal and full courthouse staffing levels in order to support the fuller resumption of in-person operations, including jury trials and other proceedings in our courts.

The COVID vaccine is now widely available to New Yorkers over 16 years of age, the state is easing public health restrictions on indoor gatherings, and the economy is reopening in response to the continuing decline in COVID positivity rates and hospitalizations. Our plan to restore full staffing is in line with the state’s reopening efforts, and with the latest public health guidance. The extensive safety measures that we have implemented to protect the health of everyone working in and entering our buildings, including: COVID screening and temperature checks; disciplined use of face masks and PPE; social distancing protocols; installation of acrylic barriers; and strict cleaning and sanitizing, will continue.

… Of course, our return to full staffing does not mean that we will be returning to the densely crowded courthouses of pre-COVID days. We are drafting a responsible plan that will limit the number of people physically present in our courthouses to safe and responsible levels, and we will do so by relying on the permanent integration of remote technology and virtual appearances to hear those matters not requiring the physical presence of lawyers and litigants in our buildings…”

Attorneys at O’Brien & Associates will be in communication with each of our clients concerning how these new rules affect matters that we are engaged in together. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.


Joanne P. Monagan, Esq.
Principal Attorney/CEO