Susan A. McLaughlin, Esq., Matrimonial Law Attorney: I have been practicing law since 2006. After nearly a decade working in a corporate and commercial capacity, I felt my career was missing a purpose. In search of work that had a deeper meaning, in 2015, I left the corporate world and opened my own practice which focused on serving the needs of individuals and families. As a solo practitioner, I provided individuals and families with advice and guidance in the areas of estate planning and divorce, while continuing to serve commercial clients in the areas of corporate formation and maintenance, contracts, and debt collection. After relocating to Halfmoon, New York, I joined a mid-sized law firm in Albany where I practiced employment law and matrimonial and family law. In 2018, I joined O’Brien & Associates Law Firm so that I could focus solely on matrimonial and family law issues such as divorce, child custody, child support, adoption, and family offense matters.

Today, I draw upon a broad range of legal experience to provide clients with high quality representation in all matters involving families and the law. Experience in the corporate world has provided me with the expertise necessary to interpret financial documents at a level necessary to provide clients from all backgrounds with competent representation in matters involving closely held businesses and other financial issues affecting our clients who may be in the midst of family crisis. Above all, I am especially dedicated to the O’Brien & Associates highest priority that is to clearly focus on protecting the interests of the children, women and men we represent.

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