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Attorneys Joanne Monagan and Kevin O’Brien each have decades of experience representing hundreds of clients in all aspects of family and matrimonial law. They are compassionate, results oriented, and possess a fierce commitment to client advocacy that is fundamental to the O’Brien & Associates objectives.



O’Brien & Associates can represent you in all matters related to family and matrimonial law, including divorce, separation, support, custody, individual rights and protections, and all other aspects of your unique circumstances.



With decades of experience and hundreds of clients represented, Attorneys Joanne Monagan and Kevin O’Brien are well known in the Capital District. We urge you to inquire about us among your family, friends, colleagues and other acquaintances with whom we may have been associated through the years so that you can feel confident about placing your trust in us.



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Divorce is a very personal and emotional challenge, and the related issues of child custody, property division, and support can be extremely stressful to deal with. If you are faced with these issues, you want to feel comfortable and confident knowing you can easily approach your attorney to talk about all aspects of your case. With support from an experienced lawyer, the legal process doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

The O’Brien & Associates Law Firm, PC, is an established Capital District family-law firm serving clients throughout the surrounding areas of New York State. The firm has more than 30 years of legal experience in family and matrimonial law, including divorce, property division, spousal support, custody, relocation, adoptions, and more.

We are very approachable, and take pride in our ability to connect and effectively communicate with clients. We are easy to talk to, compassionate, and assertive in identifying a legal strategy that works best for your case. Regardless of the challenges or unique circumstances of your situation, we are committed to helping make a positive difference in the outcome of your case.

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Joanne Monagan Albany NY Divorce & Family Lawyer Attorney

Managing Partner

I am Joanne P. Monagan, and I have 3 decades of experience in divorce and family law. I offer my clients legal representation that is straightforward and personalized. I pride myself in the thorough approach I take to identifying and explaining the issues raised by my clients’ cases, and I speak in plain, everyday language. You do not have to worry about being overwhelmed with legal information or having questions that go unanswered. I also am a very good listener, and I place great importance in understanding your needs and the unique nuances of your case.

Kevin O'Brien Albany NY Lawyer Attorney

Associate Attorney

Susan A. McLaughlin, Esq., Matrimonial Law Attorney: I have been practicing law since 2006. After nearly a decade working in a corporate and commercial capacity, I felt my career was missing a purpose. In search of work that had a deeper meaning, in 2015, I left the corporate world and opened my own practice which focused on serving the needs of individuals and families. As a solo practitioner, I provided individuals and families with advice and guidance in the areas of estate planning and divorce, while continuing to serve commercial clients in the areas of corporate formation and maintenance, contracts, and debt collection. After relocating to Halfmoon, New York, I joined a mid-sized law firm in Albany where I practiced employment law and matrimonial and family law. In 2018, I joined O’Brien & Associates Law Firm so that I could focus solely on matrimonial and family law issues such as divorce, child custody, child support, adoption, and family offense matters.

Kevin O'Brien Albany NY Lawyer Attorney

Of Counsel and Consultant

Mr. O’Brien has limited his practice to matrimonial matters, including all aspects of family law. His experience has encompassed litigation and meeting client needs from St. Lawrence County to Suffolk County. The Office’s client base extends to all parts of New York. His proficiency, however, extends beyond the boundaries of the courtroom. The basics matter. Client courtesy, timely returned telephone calls, and realistic case assessments and costs are fundamental to those in the midst of a family crisis. Clients should expect to hear sound legal advice based upon the specifics of their situation, not simply what they want to hear, or what their friends tell them. The resulting trust established between attorney and client forms the basis of a team approach toward reaching the client’s objectives. These may be litigated or negotiated. No matter what approach, Mr. O’Brien will aggressively pursue either to advance the client’s goal.

A Huge Relief

“At a very unfortunate time in my life, It was suggested to me by another highly regarded attorney that i speak with Ms Monagan regarding my pending divorce. Her knowledge in these matter’s, and ability to quickly bring closure, and her continued help in traversing family matters has been an incredible relief. She has been an invaluable resource during what could have been a much harder time in my life. I would highly suggest her to anyone seeking legal advice in her areas of practice.”


A Huge Relief

“Susan represented me in my divorce. My wife was incredibly unreasonable, and I felt that Susan fought hard for what I wanted. She understood my perspective and the law, and she explained what was going on every step of that way. Even though it was not an easy time, Susan made it a little better because I knew that she had my back.”


Excellent Attorney

“Kevin and his team provided the absolute highest level of service when representing me. They are all kind, compassionate, substantive and extremely responsive. Kevin and his team helped make a very difficult situation much easier. Kevin truly cares about his clients and treats them as such. I highly recommend his counsel.”


Patient And Sharp

“My situation was complicated. But she handled it well. As is often the case the case took much longer than we would have wanted but along the way she did a great job working things out. And she was willing to allow me to make payments when I couldn’t afford the total bill.”


Patient And Sharp

“After a search, multiple consultations and throughly explaining my case to several attorneys I only felt like I was being heard once. Susan thoroughly explained the entire process, my options and made me feel like she was truly on my side 100%. We were able to reach a settlement and I attribute Susan’s persistence as well as her attention to detail that resulted in a quick resolution that I was happy with.

She comes highly recommended from a satisfied client.”


Life Changing Experience

“My experience with Kevin L. O’Brien was crucial to my children and myself getting our lives back to normal in a timely fashion during an incredibly difficult time. Kevin was not only an excellent lawyer, he was a compassionate human being, great listener, supporter and quite frankly a friend. His insight to the situation was spot on with strategic timing in relation to my case. I can not thank Kevin enough for his ability to bring light to such a dark time in my family’s struggles. Kevin is more than a great lawyer, he is a life changer. My kids and I are doing great thanks to Kevin and his wonderful partners and staff. Godspeed.”


Best Lawyer I’ve Ever Dealt With

“Joanne is AMAZING, to put it simply. She is very knowledgeable of her profession, and unlike most family law practitioners, she doesn’t take crap from anybody. Unfortunately, I have needed a family court lawyer numerous times, and she has been so good to me with each encounter. She always told me what was going on with my case in terms I could understand, and helped me to get back on my feet once my trial was over.”


Best Lawyer I’ve Ever Dealt With

“Susan McLaughlin is an excellent attorney. During my recent divorce she provided guidance and clarity, and a good result for all. She really assisted me in understanding the process and I am very grateful.”



“Kevin exceeded my expectations. I have been dealing with visitation and support issues for 15 years on and off and Kevin has been with me every step of the way. I can always count on him to be honest and fight for me and what’s best for my child. He has gone above and beyond for me and I couldn’t be more pleased and grateful. I would highly recommend Kevin.”


Excellent work for a resolution

“Susan was placed in charge of my case and was very much on top of things. She reviewed the history and worked closely with the lawyer from the employer (who no doubt was fully aware that this was a problem from whom she had to represent). She used my career accomplishments and insured that I received a good amount of time for me to be compensated as well as to search for opportunities in my field. I am very pleased with her efforts.”


A Great Lawyer!!

“Joanne was there when I needed her, she handled my case professionally and resolved my case quickly.now my life is back to normal, I would highly recommend her.”


Mr. O’Brien Is An Amazing Lawyer

“I contacted Mr O’Brien when my first lawyer did not have time for my case. Kevin took me on with no hesitation or reservations. In a short period of time he was able to get all parties together and get the divorce finalized. From the time i hired Kevin to finalizing the divorce was less then a year. Kevin was able to help ensure that the divorce was a fair one and both parties walked away equal. Over the seven years since the divorce, I have called Kevin a handful of time on odd questions or situations that have presented themselves, He has always answered my call and helped me with the advice I needed or the answer to the question I had. Kevin has always been there for me during and after my divorce. I could have not asked for a better lawyer.”


An Attorney who Truly Cares!

“Susan is more than just a great attorney. She’s caring, warm and personable. She was my “guiding light” during a challenging business dispute. Not only did Susan look out for my best interests in resolving the issue but she was a positive presence throughout the process and saved me from the stress and aggravation. I put my complete trust in her and would do it again in a heartbeat!”


Professional and Got The Job Done

“I had hired Joanne on a family matter and have been very pleased with her work and communication I live in another state and had to travel for this case and with Joanne’s efforts really made this easy. Plus she won the case!! I won’t go anywhere else if I need a attorney in NY”


Professional and Got The Job Done

“Susan has supported me on business related issues on a level that is different from other attorneys. Her mix of enthusiasm, experience, and authenticity is a refreshing change from the way other attorneys operate. Not only was she incredibly helpful in resolving a frustrating situation, she helped me set up processes to avoid the issue from arising in the future. And her flat billing structure meant that the cost was predictable and that I never had unexpected fees. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to start a business or to resolve an issue plaguing their current operation.”


Great Lawyer

“Kevin listened to my issues while coming up with solutions. Was very honest with billing something I have not always received with previous lawyers. If your looking for a real lawyer who’s honest and fights for what is right for your situation Kevin’s your guy . Wish I called him for my previous family court issues.”


Amazing Lawyer

“I worked with Joanne Monagan for over 2 years as my Lawyer. I can only say amazing things about her. She was kind, patient, caring, flexible and went above and beyond her job duties. We had a hard battle to overcome one that many would have never gotten the outcome we did under normal circumstances. I truly believe it was her skills and her passion for justice that got us our end result. If I ever need a lawyer I will only go to her. I also would recommend her to others. As a matter of fact I sent her 2 clients. This is not just a job to Joanne Monagan she gives her all and fights for you. She does not back away from a challenge. She faces it head on and comforts you at the same time giving you assurance and complete understanding of how things could turn out from both ends of the spectrum. She does not give false hope but she does promise to do her best. If I could describe Joanne with one word it would be Victorious!”